Studio ‘All-Rounder’

Art Director Position

CumminsHybrid is the lively, fast-paced innovation and marketing agency you’ve been looking for.  Based out of an awesome converted shoe factory in Adelaide’s CBD, there’s nothing ordinary about who we are or what we do! If you peg yourself as a creative maven, read on!

Studio ‘All-Rounder’

As this title suggests, this role involves a little bit of everything ‘creative-wise’. We need a Designer who can Art Direct – a Typographer who loves Retouching – a Visualiser who can do Finished Art – a Team Player who’s happy to work under their own steam at times.

You’ll be responsible for:

  • Taking a Graphic Design brief from concept to Finished Art – including brand identities and visual language concepts rolled out across the whole spectrum of applications – from style guide to print collateral, signage, vehicles, apparel, environmental graphics – you name it
  • Working on an incredibly wide range, scale and complexity of projects – from a shop fit out around the corner to a full national or international brand launch
  • Creating graphics for TV ads and content pieces – some will be your own, some written and conceived by others (don’t worry, you’ll still be included in the awards)
  • Working with Art Directors and Writers to produce layouts and storyboard visuals for presentations and the finished article
  • Likewise, working with our digital producers to create designs for web, with an understanding of UX
  • Image retouching – including simple/quick visuals for presentation, retouched images for production, and directing more complicated and time-consuming outsourced retouching work
  • Creating GIFs and cinemagraphs (and simple animation, if you can) 
for eDMs, etc.
  • Finished Art all your own work and oversee that of other team members
  • Know what – if you’re the right person, you’ll know exactly what’s involved and what you’ll be doing

You’ll need:

  • To be able to use the full Adobe suite in your sleep (editing skills not required, but hey, these days, they’re a huge bonus)
  • You’ll want to have somewhere in the region of 5+ years experience – how else will you get to become an Adobe guru?
  • To be able to work fast at times – sometimes late at night, or on weekends (for prolonged work out-of-hours, we do offer time in lieu)
  • To be a driven team player willing to take themselves and the agency to interstellar levels

Let’s get personal:

  • We’re not looking for a graphic design prima-donna
  • We need someone willing to get up to their elbows in spray-mount – if that’s what’s required
  • Someone who keeps one eye on their own work – while the other watches everything else being created around them – and is happy 
to pass comment
  • Someone with a deep, undying love for everything visual

In a nutshell:

  • We’re looking for the person that, in six months, the agency will 
wonder how we ever survived without them

To apply for either of these roles, send your CV and supporting material to: